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The Priesthood as a vocation - astrological predispositions

   What can a young lady do on a Sunday afternoon if she's alone in the city because husband is gone with work abroad, brother is in a team building in a beautiful mountain resort and her best friend is attending a wedding? She goes to a movie, of course! Well, the kind of a movie I saw on a sunny September afternoon was a combination of humor, which I didn't expect given the philosophic title of the movie and the realities within the institution of the Romanian Orthodox Church.
   The director is Daniel Sandu, a former student to become priest, who was disappointed about what he studied in the 90' years in Romania that he gave up priesthood in favour of becoming a director. The movie's title is ''A step behind the Seraphs". When I got home I searched all the information available on the director on the internet and one of his quotes drew my attention: "Both the director and the priest tell interesting and convincing stories". Then my astrologer mind started to ask itself what is it in a natal chart that makes a native to want to become a priest? 

   Having this in mind I started to think of a study which would lead me to final conclusions about the astrological predispositions which a native should have in a natal chart in order for him to become a good priest. I searched for definitions of various mystic terms from the point of view of astrology and then I gathered data from the natal charts of important cleric figures from both Orthodox and Catholic Church (the position of each planet in sign and house; I used the whole signs system house).

   According to the dictionary of astrology by Rodica Purniche mysticism in a natal chart is related to: 
  • powerful influence of Neptune, Uranus, probably the moon and most probably very powerful Pluto
  • Houses 9 and 12 important
  • Ruler of Ascendant, Sun or most of the planets in House 9 or in the sign of Sagittarius
  • Water and Air signs powerful, Earth signs weak in the natal chart
  • Important: good aspects of Mercury so that the native has the ability to judge well in a religious and spiritual manner; a weak and affected Mercury can make the native to deviate easily towards fanatism and sectarianism (these aspects can lead the native towards fake spiritual paths)
   The same dictionary gives us the following astrological definition of the religion:
  • it is related to the House 9
  • Jupiter, in terms of power (especially the power of faith) and decisional power, in the sense that the native has a religious career and occupies a leading position   
  • Neptune (for mystics), Saturn (for monastic life)
  • The persons whose thee shows dissonances between Venus and Neptune can live the experience of their artistic or religious sublimation
  • the Religious power is in harmonic aspects between Jupiter, MC and Neptune (to be considered with caution as the appearance is presented in the themes of all persons born during this period
   For the definition of a faithful person we may encounter the following:
  • Strong Jupiter in House 9, well-held by aspects or well placed in signs
  • Saturn in good aspects with the Ruler of the ninth House
  • Mars weakened or in good aspects with Jupiter or the Ruler of the Ninth House
   I analysed natal charts of both Romanian important church figures (among them Father Arsenie Boca, Daniel - the current Romanian Patriarch) and Catholic Church figures (Pope Benedict, Mother Theresa) and also two Romanian priests I personally know and for whom the priesthood is indeed a vocation, as they are gifted.

    I concluded that:
  • in over 60% of the cases the Sun is positioned in water signs, followed by earth with 20% and air and fire, each with 10%
  • Mars in weakened either by sign (in detriment) or by aspects and in most of the cases is in air signs
  • the North Node is mostly in water and air signs while Jupiter (religious believes) is in water and fire signs.
  • Pluto is in air and water signs.

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The Twelfth House

The twelfth house - The Hidden Power in the Horoscope 

(a few ideas from the book The twelfth house -The Hidden Power in the Horoscope by Karen Hamaker Zondag presented during the Phoenix astrological meeting at Hotel Cismigiu, Bucharest on 20.09.2016)

  The natal charts of the children contain information about their parents life events which they would have aimed to live but couldn't due to various reasons. 
  The planets in the twelfth house or in aspect with the governor of this house generally describe:
  • difficulties in expressing what the planets represent
  • feelings of guilt or fear a native may live
  • little control of things the planets describe
  • defend mechanisms a native might be tempted to built against the things represented by the planet or initiates evasive actions against the things represented by the planet
  The Governor of the twelfth house not aspected indicates the fact that the native can live an insecurity feeling during his or her childhood due to the parent's separation or to some difficulties one parent might have had (including not being available sentimentally: the author gives the example of a mother who breastfed her baby, offering her physical time and attention; later it was discovered the fact that her milk contained insufficient nutrients for the harmonious developing of the baby).
  Pluto in the twelfth house may indicate that one of the child's parents experienced a deep, profound Pluto-related experience:either financial difficulties in the family or one of the grandparents had a dominant personality which led to tensions between parents nearby the child's birth. It seems that life an death theme is always related to Pluto.
   Venus conjoint with the twelfth house Governor: the author loved to sing and to listen to music but at some point she stopped because she didn't considered it such a waste of time if she hadn't done that anymore; her daughter was born with Governor of twelfth house conjoint with Venus, has an exceptional musical ear, loves to sing and to dance and convinced her mother to play the piano again, bringing her back into a world she had thought she would't need anymore.

How to work with the planets in the twelfth house

   Most of the participants at a study mentioned they love to make themselves useful, to do charity work, to live profound religious experiences or to help people in need.These people have the capacity to connect at a certain level to the collective mental.The author met cases where some specific persons were trend setters in a certain field because they 'felt' what the market needed while their co-workers tried to reach the same conclusion either logical or by analyzing data.
   One must follow the field symbolized by the twelfth house in order to feel fulfilled. It is very possible that in many cases one follows it without consciously realizing it.

Casa a XII-a

Casa a XII-a : Puterea ascunsa din harta natala

(cateva idei din cartea The twelfth House, The Hidden Power in the Horoscope by Karen Hamaker Zondag prezentate in cadrul Cercului de astrologie Phoenix, Bucuresti, 20.09.2016)

   In hartile natale ale copiilor se regasesc informatii despre evenimente din viata parintilor pe care acestia si-ar fi dorit sa le traiasca dar nu au putut din diverse motive.
   In general cand vorbim despre planetele din Casa a XII-a sau in aspect cu guvernatorul casei a XII regasim :
  • dificultati in a exprima ce reprezinta acestea
  • sentimente de frica sau de vinovatie pe care le traieste un nativ
  • putin control asupra lucrurilor pe care le simbolizeaza acestea
  • mecanisme de aparare pe care un nativ este tentat sa le construiasca impotriva a ceea ce reprezinta planeta sau initiaza actiuni evazive impotriva a ceea ce reprezinta planeta

   Guvernatorul casei XII neaspectat indica faptul ca nativul poate trai sentimentul de insecuritate in copilarie fie datorita separarii parintilor fie datorita unor greutati in familie sau a unor dificultati intampinate de unul dintre parinti (printre care si indisponibilitate sentimentala; autoarea da exemplul unei mame care isi hranea bebelusul la san, oferindu-i timpul fizic si atentia ei insa ulterior s-a dovedit ca laptele sau matern avea nutrienti insuficienti dezvoltarii armonioase a copilului).
   Pluto in Casa a XII-a: unul dintre parintii copilului a trecut printr-o experienta de tip plutonian; au fost dificultati financiare in familie sau unul dintre bunicii avea o personalitate dominanta ceea ce a condus la tensiune intre parinti, in apropierea nasterii copilului ; Se pare ca tema vietii si mortii este mereu legata de Pluto (ex. din actvitatea proprie de consultanta: nativ nascut in februarie 1986 cu Pluto in C XII, bunicul sau matern a fost inmormantat cu doi ani mai devreme in aceeasi zi din februarie 1984).
   Venus conjunct guvernator C XII : autoarei i-a placut sa cante si sa asculte muzica insa la un moment dat s-a oprit deoarece nu i se parea o pierdere prea mare daca nu mai acorda atentie acestui lucru; fiica ei s-a nascut cu guvernator de Casa XII conjunct cu Venus, are o ureche muzicala exceptionala, ii place sa cante si sa danseze si a convins-o pe mama ei sa cante la pian, readucand-o astfel intr-o lume despre care credea ca nu mai are nevoie.

Soarele in Casa XII

   De obicei tatii copiilor joaca un rol minor in viata copiilor, fie intalnim decesul acestuia, divortul parintilor sau prezenta pasiva (e ocupat cu serviciul, hobby-urile sale sau alte activitati care-l tin departe de familie ; sau este in spital / sanatoriu in primii ani de viata ai copilului); sau mama poate juca un rol dominant, care eclipseaza tatal.
   Parintii se inteleg insa unul dintre ei poate avea la randul saa probleme cu parintii sai sau unul dintre parintii copilului poate trece printr-o criza de identitate in apropierea nasterii copilului.
   In general, se poate spune ceva din harta despre evenimentele din primii ani de viata ai copilului insa in general e imposibil sa spui ce anume.

Luna in Casa XII sau in aspect cu guvernator de casa XII

  Acest plasament este legat de cele mai multe ori de situatia mamei, care a fost in imposibilitatea de a oferi atentia sa copilului ori a fost instabila emotionala (in unele cazuri tatal a fost cel cu schimbari bruste de dispozitie) sau a avut probleme cu propria mama.
  • copii care nu au avut suficienta ingrijire materna in primele luni de nastere
  • copii nascuti prematur (au stat in incubator, au fost in situatii critice si le-a lipsit caldura materna )
  • copii care au stat in spital in primii ani de viata
    Mama a stat in spital o perioada de timp sau a fugit de acasa sau a suferit de depresie post natala severa. In situatiile pozitive (aspecte armonioase intre planete), mama are capacitati paranormale.
   La maturitate, copilul poate avea sentimentul ca nu are succes ( se vinde ieftin si nu beneficiaza de pretul adevarat al talentelor sale) sau complexul de inferioritate sau sentimentul ca viata nu merita traita.

Cum sa lucram cu planetele din casa a XII-a

   Majoritatea participantilor la un chestionar au mentionat ca le place sa sa faca utili, sa presteze activitati de voluntariat, sa traiasca experiente religioase, sa ajute persoanele defavorizate din lumea treia.
  • Saturn in Casa XII sau in aspect cu guvernator de Casa XII poate indica atractia catre materiale de tipul do it yourself (old crafts) sau alte materiale : lut, piatra, lemn, piele, interes catre fosile, schelete/ fundament si arhitectura; sfatul autoarei: sa luam o piesa de lemn sau o bucata de lut in mana si sa ne apucam incet de treaba fara ceva in minte; sa ne relaxam si sa ne urmam impulsul interior; dupa cateva incercari putem observa ca aceste activitati au un efect de calmare si ca ne relexeaza
   Persoanele cu planete Casa XII au capacitatea de a se conecta la un anumit nivel la mentalul colectiv; autoarea a intalnit cazuri in care unele persoane au dat tonul /trendul in anumite domenii pentru ca au ‘simtit’ ce cere piata intr-un mod inexplicabil in timp ce altele incercau pe cale logica sau analizand date sa intuiasca trendul intr-un domeniu.
   Este indicat sa urmam domeniul simbolizat de planeta in casa a XII-a pentru a ne simti impliniti; este foarte posibil ca de cele mai multa ori sa il urmam fara sa realizam in mod constient.

The Priesthood as a vocation - astrological predispositions

    What can a young lady do on a Sunday afternoon if she's alone in the city because husband is g one with work abroad, brother is in...