Prognoza pietei bursiere folosind astrologia

Va invit sa cititi pe linkul de mai jos articolul referitor la influenta planetelor asupra pietei financiare, articol ce are la baza conferinta pe care am sustinut-o in cadrul Congresului Asociatiei Astrologilor din Romania in data de 3.11.2019.

The Priesthood as a vocation - astrological predispositions

What can a young lady do on a Sunday afternoon if she's alone in the city because husband is gone with work abroad, brother is in a team building in a beautiful mountain resort and her best friend is attending a wedding? She goes to a movie, of course! Well, the kind of a movie I saw on a sunny September afternoon was a combination of humor, which I didn't expect given the philosophic title of the movie and the realities within the institution of the Romanian Orthodox Church.    The director is Daniel Sandu, a former student to become priest, who was disappointed about what he studied in the 90' years in Romania that he gave up priesthood in favour of becoming a director. The movie's title is ''A step behind the Seraphs". When I got home I searched all the information available on the director on the internet and one of his quotes drew my attention: "Both the director and the priest tell interesting and convincing stories". Then my astrologer mind…

The Twelfth House

The twelfth house - The Hidden Power in the Horoscope (a few ideas from the book The twelfth house -The Hidden Power in the Horoscope by Karen Hamaker Zondag presented during the Phoenix astrological meeting at Hotel Cismigiu, Bucharest on 20.09.2016)
  The natal charts of the children contain information about their parents life events which they would have aimed to live but couldn't due to various reasons.    The planets in the twelfth house or in aspect with the governor of this house generally describe:
difficulties in expressing what the planets representfeelings of guilt or fear a native may livelittle control of things the planets describedefend mechanisms a native might be tempted to built against the things represented by the planet or initiates evasive actions against the things represented by the planet  The Governor of the twelfth house not aspected indicates the fact that the native can live an insecurity feeling during his or her childhood due to the parent's separa…

Casa a XII-a

Casa a XII-a : Puterea ascunsa din harta natala
(cateva idei din cartea The twelfth House, The Hidden Power in the Horoscope by Karen Hamaker Zondag prezentate in cadrul Cercului de astrologie Phoenix, Bucuresti, 20.09.2016)
  In hartile natale ale copiilor se regasesc informatii despre evenimente din viata parintilor pe care acestia si-ar fi dorit sa le traiasca dar nu au putut din diverse motive.    In general cand vorbim despre planetele din Casa a XII-a sau in aspect cu guvernatorul casei a XII regasim :
dificultati in a exprima ce reprezinta acestea dentimente de frica sau de vinovatie pe care le traieste un nativ putin control asupra lucrurilor pe care le simbolizeaza acestea mecanisme de aparare pe care un nativ este tentat sa le construiasca impotriva a ceea ce reprezinta planeta sau initiaza actiuni evazive impotriva a ceea ce reprezinta planeta    Guvernatorul casei XII neaspectat indica faptul ca nativul poate trai sentimentul de insecuritate in copilarie fie datorita separari…