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The Twelfth House

The twelfth house - The Hidden Power in the Horoscope 

(a few ideas from the book The twelfth house -The Hidden Power in the Horoscope by Karen Hamaker Zondag presented during the Phoenix astrological meeting at Hotel Cismigiu, Bucharest on 20.09.2016)

  The natal charts of the children contain information about their parents life events which they would have aimed to live but couldn't due to various reasons. 
  The planets in the twelfth house or in aspect with the governor of this house generally describe:
  • difficulties in expressing what the planets represent
  • feelings of guilt or fear a native may live
  • little control of things the planets describe
  • defend mechanisms a native might be tempted to built against the things represented by the planet or initiates evasive actions against the things represented by the planet
  The Governor of the twelfth house not aspected indicates the fact that the native can live an insecurity feeling during his or her childhood due to the parent's separation or to some difficulties one parent might have had (including not being available sentimentally: the author gives the example of a mother who breastfed her baby, offering her physical time and attention; later it was discovered the fact that her milk contained insufficient nutrients for the harmonious developing of the baby).
  Pluto in the twelfth house may indicate that one of the child's parents experienced a deep, profound Pluto-related experience:either financial difficulties in the family or one of the grandparents had a dominant personality which led to tensions between parents nearby the child's birth. It seems that life an death theme is always related to Pluto.
   Venus conjoint with the twelfth house Governor: the author loved to sing and to listen to music but at some point she stopped because she didn't considered it such a waste of time if she hadn't done that anymore; her daughter was born with Governor of twelfth house conjoint with Venus, has an exceptional musical ear, loves to sing and to dance and convinced her mother to play the piano again, bringing her back into a world she had thought she would't need anymore.

How to work with the planets in the twelfth house

   Most of the participants at a study mentioned they love to make themselves useful, to do charity work, to live profound religious experiences or to help people in need.These people have the capacity to connect at a certain level to the collective mental.The author met cases where some specific persons were trend setters in a certain field because they 'felt' what the market needed while their co-workers tried to reach the same conclusion either logical or by analyzing data.
   One must follow the field symbolized by the twelfth house in order to feel fulfilled. It is very possible that in many cases one follows it without consciously realizing it.

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